Golden Lotus Ayurveda offers a variety of Ayurvedic treatments:

(* Prices do not include GST*)

* Ayurvedic consultations – a fascinating way to get to know yourself better.  A consultation covers   medical history, family history, current lifestyle and diet and traditional Ayurvedic methods of assessment of Prakruti (constitution) and Vikruti (current situation). We then provide an individual health-plan, consisting of diet, lifestyle, Yoga and Pranayama practices, herbs, rasayana (rejuvination), subtle therapies and more.
Cost - $125 for the initial session, and $90 for follow-ups.

* Shirodhara - A divine experience of gently pouring warm oil over the forehead (the third eye). It is traditionally done to balance the mind and body, to relieve headaches, help with insomnia, awaken the deep inner energy channels, and to alleviate Vata (wind) in the mind. The session includes a head, neck, hands and feet massage.
Cost - $120 (75 minutes)

* Abhyanga - a traditional Ayurvedic therapy, it is a full-body massage done with lots warm oil by one or two practitioners – perfect for soothing sore muscles, calming the nervous system, softening and toning the skin… it is absolutely blissful.
1 hr (2 hands) - $95

1 hr (4 hands) - $150
1.5 hr (2 hands) - $120

* Swedish Relaxation / Deep Tissue Massage - want less oil? Dalia offers an effective, thorough, totally relaxing and soothing classic massage.

1 hr - $75

1.5 hr - $100

* Hot-Stone Massage - This is a great massage for relieving tightness and pain in the muscles; relaxing tired, sore bodies after intense workouts and just plain blissing out. The massage is done with warm Basalt rocks.
1 hr -  $95

1.5 hr - $120

* Marma-Point therapy (Ayurvedic Acupressure) - There are 108 Marmas (energetic points) on the human body. The treatment uses pressure on these points to remove blockages and balance the elements and doshas (humors) in the mind-body.
Cost - $70/hour

* Ayurvedic Head and Face Massage - A totally pampering treat. Relaxing and rejuvenating.
Cost - $40/half-hour.

* Reflexology - Is a well-proven treatment that works gently and effectively to relieve pain and bring deep relaxation by pressing and massaging the feet. We customize this amazing therapy according to Ayurvedic principles.
Cost - $70/hour

* Ayur-Yoga – Re-joining the “sister sciences” into a deep, wholistic method for attaining and maintaining health and well-being. Ayur-Yoga uses Yoga-asanas and Pranayama for healing, through Ayurvedic principles of observation and assessment. In our studio we offer Ayur-Yoga courses, as well as individual private sessions and on-going public classes.
Cost - $65 for a private 1 hour session.

* Ayurvedic Education - We offer a variety of lectures, courses and seminars on Ayurvedic philosophy and theory, Ayurvedic medicine, nutrition, diet and lifestyle. Among the classes offered are:
- Introduction to Ayurveda.
- Advanced Seminars.
- Ayurveda for Yoga Teachers' Training courses.
Check out our News page for upcoming classes.

* Ayurvedic Cooking classes - A fun, tasty, hands-on class that covers principals of Ayurvedic nutrition and diet, as well as uses of common kitchen-spices and herbs. Participants get to touch, smell, taste, chop, grind, mix, cook and eat a delicious, healthy and easy meal.
Check out our News page for upcoming classes.

Golden Lotus Ayurveda

Ayurveda is the 5,000 year old traditional healing system of India, which uses the five elements to create balance between the body, the mind, and the soul.

Ayurveda states that the natural state of the body is one of order (Prakruti), which falls into disorder (Vikruti) through dietary, lifestyle, age and environmental indiscretions. Through employing various healing modalities a state of balanced inner function can be restored.