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Guest Teacher from India  in August!

We are incredibly honoured to host Prasad Rangnekar in Golden!
Prasad is based in India and has been teaching the self-developmental aspect of Yoga for past 22 years in over 15 countries. He leads Yoga Teacher Trainings and intensive retreats based on the teachings of traditional Hatha Yoga. For details, visit, or

Prasad will be offering 2 workshops on August 15th and 16th, from 4 - 9pm
Each workshop is $85 + GST, or sign up for both for $150 + GST

The first workshop:
Earth element: Bringing stability in body, mind and life

Looking at the pace at which our world is moving it’s time to give some attention to the variable of stability in our life. Through this workshop we will use the elemental understanding of traditional Yoga to generate stability in our mind, body and life. Keeping this in mind, we wi
ll learn techniques to bring bio-mechanical stability to our body, contentment to our active mind and steadiness to our out of rhythm breath. In this workshop we will learn and practice
1) Traditional Yogic understanding of the Earth element
2) View of stability in the Yogic context
3) Essentiality of embodying stability in our body, mind and breath.
4) Review of how modern life is impacting our mind-body complex.
5) Practice of stabilizational asana from traditional Hatha Yogic pantheon.
6) Regulating and stabilizing a hyper-active mind.
7) Life tips from the books of Yoga to generate stability at home and in life.

The Second workshop:
Breath and Meditation

Step into the inner practices of Yoga that promise to bring us to a state of lasting peace. Join us in this half-day workshop to work with your natural breathing and access the mental calm that makes life more meaningful and purposeful. In this workshop we will learn and practice,

1) The profound importance of correct breathing in our life.
2) Psycho-somatic disorders and the breathing mechanism.
3) The dynamic harmony of breath and mind and how to optimize it
4) Practice of three varieties of breathing exercises.
5) Turning the mind inward. Mindfulness v/s meditation
6) Preparatory physical movement and posture practice for Pranayama and Meditation.
7) Practice of two important meditation techniques.